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Inspiration is Everywhere!

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

I had a great conversation with someone online recently (details to follow) concerning all types of inspiration for me. I grew up listening to old-school country music (from Hank Williams to Johnny Cash, and everything in between) and gravitated to rock n' roll and later Blues when I discovered it in high school.

From Blues Harmonica players (especially Little Walter) to early Rock & Roll (Little Richard, Chuck Berry) to great songwriters both traditional and contemporary (like Percy Mayfield and Justin Townes Earle) to swinging saxophone stylists (Lester Young and Illinois Jacquet) to visceral Rock n'Roll (AC/DC, Jim Jones).

I also listen to classical and other styles of music, but the bulk of my inspiration comes from classic Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll, and swingin' Jazz. Above are just some of the albums currently spinning for me at home, but it's always changing...because Inspiration is Everywhere!

Below are a few choice selections from the above artists...

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