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Time to Boogie!

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

On this "Tunesday" I’m going way back to when I used to partner on the road with Doug Deming. Here’s an instrumental I worked up that we used to start the shows with sometimes.

Somewhere around 2006/7 I started working with Detroit area native Doug Deming, touring and playing blues harp with him as part of his band to see how the musical fit would be. After a few short tours, we realized we had much musical common ground and agreed to make a regular thing of it.

Not long after we officially joined forces as musical partners, promoting both of our releases and tearing up the road. We worked out lots of jump blues and Chicago blues songs, but also threw in plenty of swamp blues grooves, swingin' tunes and early rock n' roll. We made arrangements that fit well for guitar and harmonica, and of course I played a lot of low-tuned harps on the jump material as I used to with my band Jump Time years earlier.

Enjoy this trip back into the Vault, and I hope you are all staying safe out there - here's a good dose of some Guitar and Harmonica Boogie for ya!

Doug Deming & Dennis Gruenling w/the Jewel Tones performing at Bradfordville Blues Club

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