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PAUL OSCHER streaming webinar this week!

Legendary singer and multi-instrumentalist Paul Oscher was the first Caucasian member of the great Muddy Waters Band, joining in 1967 while still a teenager. Paul has recorded on Chess Records as part of the Muddy Waters Band, toured the world with Muddy, and even lived in Muddy Waters’ basement with blues piano great Otis Spann!

Paul played only the real, unadulterated, down-in-the–alley, gutbucket blues. He was not a retro player. He just played the blues the way he learned them… lowdown and lonesome and has been doing so for the last fifty years. This was a memorable Live Q&A Webinar with a since-departed real deal legend of Blues!!

This webinar will cover many topics and questions including:

  • How He Got Started

  • What Life Was Like Growing up Around the Blues Scene

  • His Biggest Influences

  • Stories of Playing with Muddy Waters & his band

  • Lessons Learned from playing with the Masters

  • Special in-webinar Performances

  • Special Phone Guests: Jerry Portnoy & Rick Estrin!

  • MORE viewer questions...

Running Time: 2 hours 1 minute

ONLY this week on BadAss Harmonica - thru midnight Pacific March 13, 2022

BadAss Harmonica is sharing proceeds from this webinar with the "Mojo Museum" - Muddy Water's house turned-landmark museum, a cause which was near and dear to Paul Oscher.

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