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Two Beat or Not Two Beat?

To say the past couple years have been a little hectic and crazy is putting it mildly for this one-man show navigating his way through these unpredictable times! I'm doing my best to keep things moving forward, work on new projects, merchandise, and also keep the webinars going with new topics & guests.

This week's edition of "Tunesday" is what's often referred to as a 2-beat or "Two-Beat" groove. Most blues musicians know this groove from the way many people cover Jimmy Reed's classic "Big Boss Man". Here is sax player Greg Piccolo doing his version here! As usual I switch my harps to keep it interesting for you all (and myself), this time switching to a Low D Hohner Thunderbird, and regular D Hohner Crossover harp.

Also new this week, I have SERIOUSLY KILLER amps coming for sale soon....some of my absolute favorite amp models for harp and some killer rare models as well...all of these coming fresh my amp tech and ready to plug & play! Including a mid-1950's Gibson GA-6 (1x12"), Premier 120 (1x12"), Masco MAP-15 (1x12"), and rare Danelectro Pioneer 30 (1x15") with 4 6V6 power tubes! Some of these can be found on my BadAss Harmonica website Mic & Amp page, and some others are still yet to be added with demo videos...but I am getting inquiries already. If interested, please stay tuned to my email list, or email me directly!

Also this week, The VERY popular Q&A Webinar I did with the amazing Jason Ricci is now streaming THIS WEEK ONLY on BadAss Harmonica. Two Hours of harp talk, and great discussions and explanations on everything from Overbows & Overbends, to Tongue-blocking vs. Lipping, musical influences, building a repertoire, and so much more.

Streaming 24/7 thru January 30 ONLY on BadAss Harmonica!

In addition, more chrome microphones and other super-cool goodies are on their way soon..stay tuned and have a great week!!

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